nDo2 exists to unleash raw normal mapping power. Utilize sculpting, hard surface and photo based normal mapping techniques in full synergy -- straight in Photoshop, to-the-point, in 3D.

Available now. Starting at just $59.

Take unprecedented control of your normal maps with an all-new interface -- snappy interaction, instant tweaking results, seamless integration with Photoshop -- dive into the most efficient normal mapping work-flow to date!

Immerse yourself in a fully Photoshop integrated normal mapping experience. Effortlessly create normals without adding yet another step to your pipeline -- if you know Photoshop, you know nDo2.

The previewer is designed to boost turnaround, never forcing you to leave Photoshop when studying your results in 3D. It auto-loads your maps and instantly renders your tweaks. It's as simple as can be -- your mesh, fully interactive, smack on the screen.

Render stellar-quality Ambient Occlusion blazingly fast from any normal map. Fine-tune the shadows in real-time, without re-rendering. And just like with normal maps, nDo2 enables you to customize the complexity of your AO with limitless control. Take control of the world's first Normal to Ambient Occlusion generator NOW!

Generate awesome AO, 16-bit Displacement, Diffuse, Specular and Cavity from any normals. Tweaking in real-time, in Photoshop, no rebaking required.

With nDo2, you can bring out any volume from your source photo -- subtle, sharp or huge -- with unrivaled accuracy. Easily add unlimited layers of complexity to your normal, and tweak the results in ridiculous detail.

Achieve clear cut separation of extreme detail and volume from photos with customizable material presets. You wont belive it's not sculpted!

Let nDo2 do the 3D work for you! Build your normal in 2D, yet experience it in full 3D. Convert your normals to instant height, and save time by cutting the detour of the actual modeling process. Use your displacement maps for parallax & relief mapping or hardware tesselation of your textures, for that real-time 3D oumph!

Convert simple hand-painted cavity maps to normals & 3D, with results straight out of your imagination -- all thanks to witchcraft.

Hand-paint normals using all of your custom brushes. Apply any Photoshop filters or advanced transformations, or change the original vector of your normal. The sculpt mode lets you use the full capacity of Photoshop and empowers you to edit the source of your normal in real-time, any time.

Zipping your normal layers is a completely non-destructive process, and greatly boosts Photoshop performance. Also, file sizes drop by 300%, speeding up saving & loading.

In nDo2, your normal updates the moment you release a slider, and your tweak is instantly rendered in the previewer. Experiment with the characteristics of your normal in endless ways, with more than 50 unique sliders and options to let you to achieve exactly the results you want.

Countless times faster than its predecessor, you'll be creating normals in no-time. No excruciating rendering times. No clean-up. Pure creation only.

In nDo2, you can rotate and transform any of your generated normals, and the normal recalculates itself in real-time.

Create advanced normal bevels by designing your own custom curves. Effortlessly add to the complexity of your normal by modifying the slope of your bevels.

Utilize every feature Photoshop has to offer to create unbelievable normals -- from brushes to selections and vectors, from photographs to filters and post-processing -- nDo2 has you covered.

"Has sped up my workflow immensely"

"nDo2 is an incredible tool that I had the luck to test out a lot during it's beta phase. I use it daily during my workday and it has helped me speed up my workflow immensely. Regardless if you bake out most of your work from a high poly source or do everything from photo sourcing I believe nDo2 will become an essential part of your workflow, just like it has for me."
Philip Klevestav, Environment Artist
Blizzard Entertainment

"Can't imagine working without it anymore"

"To 'sculpt' and modify normal maps directly in Photoshop has been something I had been longing after for a long time. nDo2's ability to quickly shape up quality normal maps through Photoshop has revolutionized my workflow. I really can't imagine working without it anymore!"
Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong, Creative Director
Teotl Studios

"Integrates easily into any artists' workflow"

"I'm pretty excited to have had a chance to work with nDo2 as much as I have. It's a great time saving tool and easily integrates into any artists' workflow! The depth of the tool itself is great, and the additional parameters allow for fine control and tweaking. I've also found the occlusion conversion to be of great help, as it often saves time otherwise spent doing a separate occlusion pass/bake. You environment and character artists should definitely not pass up the savings afforded by having nDo2 integrated into your your creation pipeline!"
Mike Hayes, Concept Artist
EA Games/EA Blackbox

"Quickly try out ideas without rebaking"

"nDo2 makes normal map creation significantly easier and quicker. You get wide control and flexibility over your normal as well as an on-the-fly visual preview, and compared to the first nDo, this version is a whole lot faster. The best part about nDo2 is that I now can quickly try out different ideas for my details without having to rearrange and rebake my 3D high-poly models, cutting down the time consumption of the entire process significantly."
Pontus Ryman, Technical Artist

"Direct control, instant results"

"nDo2 has really sped things up, and I find myself working less with normal map baking and the issues that come with that. I also find that nDo2 gives me more direct control of the outcome of the normal maps I create, by getting instant results. The quality of my textures has really gone up a notch."
Wiktor Öhman, 3D Artist
Ubisoft Massive

"Freedom to add details, non-destructively"

"nDo2 gives me the freedom to add extra detail non-destructively to my normal maps without having to rebake or add more subdivisions."
Adam Fisher, 3D Artist

"A powerhouse tool in any game artist hands"

"nDo2 has become an indispensable part of my workflow. The ability to paint small details into my normal maps without having to model them is a huge time saver. The results are very clean and can be dialed into perfection! Another gem within the program is the convert normal map to ambient occlusion. It gives such a buttery result! nDo2 is a powerhouse tool in any game artist hands."
Travis Castillo, 3D Artist
Blizzard Entertainment

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Installation Instructions nDo2 Official Tutorial
System requirements: For Win XP, Vista & 7. PS CS3, CS4, CS5.
OSX & Linux not currently supported.