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    dDo 5.0 Mega Upgrade is out!

    I'm very happy to let you guys know about the new-version upgrade to dDo. V_5.0 is done and available on the download page with tons of improvements along with numerous bug-fixes, but be ready for a much larger download. It's over twice the size of previous versions at 104MB. Here's the 5.0 change-log:


    Jaw-dropping HDR IBL rendering -- The all-mighty MARMOSET Skyshop is now part of dDo :O

    Unlimited triangles!

    HUGE workflow performance boosts

    True high-poly texturing support with ultra-fast high-poly mesh loading

    Powerful new post-processing engine (DOF, Vignetting, Aberration, Sharpening, Anamorphic/Ghosting Lens Effects, CCD Noise, FOV, Wireframe Overlay and MORE)

    1,000% faster texture previewing

    20x faster UI refresh

    New Texture Presentation Generator

    Unlimited-resolution screenshot export

    Easy-access context menus for manipulating detail and material groups, for saving individual groups as presets, editing master masks, moving details and more

    Added LayerFX editing support for material details


    Improved quick-reflectance/custom reflectance mixing support

    Manually loaded meshes are now remembered between sessions

    Button for resetting to default output path in map exporter

    Set palette matching method to RGB by default

    Latest material script for Maya

    Support for zipping groups containing only one detail

    Added option for hiding UI when color picking (on by default)

    Option for auto-zipping everything after project generation (on by default)

    Added option to auto-save PSD after generation (off by default)

    Added option for launching previewer after generation (on by default)

    Improved mask toggling and editing for a quicker manual tweaking workflow


    Fixed common crash when executing a Production Render

    No more random previewer crashing, commonly occuring when trying to interact with a busy previewer


    Fixed bug where Zipping/Unzipping offsets layers

    Fixed zipping issue which could sometimes cause the wrong layers to be zipped, effectively messing up the PSD

    Removed various benign alerts on project generation

    Permanently fixed issue where previewer would sometimes fail to auto-load mesh

    Fixed previewer issue where mesh would become horizontally flipped

    Fixed bug where normals would not be accurately rendered in previewer

    Well, I'm going to get back and start playing now with a project I've been working on that's millions of tri's large, so the unlimited faces feature will be the first of many tests.


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    Nice Update,will test it tonight for sure !

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    Hi Lakie,

    You are a post-a-holic... lol. I was looking for reviews on 5.0 this morning on the interweb, nada. Where's the marketing Dept?

    I'm stuck between loving and hating 5.0.

    Unlimited tris! big love! Put that to the test GL, (here I come dDo Mech). Previewer, is a lot quicker. Nice progress bar on preview generation. Didn't have to re-enter license key after upgrading! Enviro gen quicker. Mega preview output rez!!!;] Super cool Marmoset Texture image output, that shows each layer, diff, nor, spec, gloss beside each other. Zipping! DOF in the preview.

    No more shadows(not that I could find), just added realism to the preview. No more spinning geo :[, the geo stands in place while the hdr revovles around it. I liked the old spot lights better than HDR lights. More like what you'd see in a game. Kind of like Blender Cycles, useless for game asset creation. Pretty, but useless. I liked the Unity Bloom better, it was more accentuated, might just need to be adjusted in the previewer... EDIT: Just need to pump up the Bloom in the Previewer, it's actually even better now.

    Probably more gems and gotchas to find, but only so much I could test before going to work this morning.

    I just completed the dDo Widget from the enviro chooser, I'll post it later on blendswap. It's freakin awesome to test with! I'll post the results in the "show your works" section.

    PS: No new enviros or mats :[. Add some sample geo and default maps!!! Check how Substance Designer includes demo material. It will get non-paying and/or non-modelling users i.e. texture artists going quicker. You do want them to see how awesome dDo is don't you?

    Small gotcha, the option to force texture reloading of textures is off. If you load a uv layout map and it wont go away in the preview, close the previewer, turn the option on, hide the uv layer, click preview, now you should be seeing the money again.


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    Hey Major: Just popped in for a second to see what's happening. Been kind of busy myself, but should start the testing phase pretty soon. No doubt Teddy will have some tweaking to do, but overall, some pretty major improvements. There's pros and cons surely enough. The New Production Render fix was a last minute thing since I just let him know about it yesterday. You gotta luv the unlimited tris thing. Anyway, I'll check back a little later.

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    Youhuouo \o/

    Ho boy this update it's just crazy, congratulation Quixel team !
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    Sorry uhm. where is the downloads page?

    Edit: nevermind I found it. Thought there was a very special download section.

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    Nice work on this one! Major upgrade!

    Even runs nice on my laptop with an older DX10 card.

    Ctrl + Click: Copy mask edits to all other maps. Thanks very much for this! Huge time saver.
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    Sounds very intriguing! Thanks for the efforts! A small question, is it possible to install this 5.0 update while retaining an old install too? I don't want to break anything that is working right now.

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    Right now there's a couple problems with the 5.0 running in the background after you shut it down, and having to shut it down with the Task Manager and it's being worked on as we speak. For now, as tempermental as dDo is I don't think I would try running 2 instances at the same time. You can still use 5.0, but you need to remember when you shut it down, dDo won't start back up until you manually go in and close the dDo .exe in the running processes of the task manager.

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    Thanks for the clarifications! With the beta nature of dDo it would be really great if a dual install feature could be implemented so we could keep our old working copies while trying out the new release. But I don't know how much work that would be...

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